Hola Guys!

I am Md Raza Khan, 2nd Year UG student in IIT Kharagpur. You can check out my GitHub handle with username: RazaKhanGit.

During this winter I took part in Kharagpur Winter of Code (KWoC). It is an annual open-source program conducted by Kharagpur Open Source Society(KOSS), IIT Kharagpur. It was a five-week-long program that
runs during the month of December to the first week of January. It aimed at promoting open-source culture and nurturing the students for events like GSoC.

About my work (DS Algo mentored by Aditya Bisoi) :

The project was to compile solutions to Data Structure and Algorithms problems in prime coding languages like C++, Python and Java. The project also included markdown files.

About Me

I’m a second-year undergraduate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur. I’ve started with
coding since my first semester, firstly as a compulsion but then loved it. In my first year, I learned languages like Java and Python, and some algorithms and data structures. When I came to know about KWoC in my 3rd Semester, I was very excited to hone my skill at new platform of Open Source. And at the end I can say I learned a lot from it.

My KWoC Experience

I was new to git and GitHub, through the KOSS workshop I gained a lot of knowledge about git and GitHub. To learn more I also completed a course by Google on the same. I also had the privilege of meeting some of the highly motivated and enthusiastic people through my project. It was a bliss to see how everyone wanted to grasp the learning opportunities at earliest and cleared up issues as soon as they popped. I’m blessed to have such a group to learn from for my winter break and I’m thankful to KOSS for the same.

Summary Of Contributions

I started off my KwoC contribution like a noob, updating the readme. Soon, I found myself familiar with beginner-friendly issues. The mentor was very helpful in making me aware of the issue and how to work on them.

I have contributed to problems like 3-D Surface in Python, Arrays in Java.

The first PR was made for the Arrays problem, in which one has to find the nth element of the array.

The second PR was made for the 3–D Surface Problem, in which one has to calculate the total surface area of a 3-dimensional Tetris like structure.

Wandering in my Dreams