Hola Guys!

I am Md Raza Khan, 2nd Year UG student in IIT Kharagpur. You can check out my GitHub handle with username: RazaKhanGit.

During this winter I took part in Kharagpur Winter of Code (KWoC). It is an annual open-source program conducted by Kharagpur Open Source Society(KOSS), IIT Kharagpur…

Hola Guys!

Good to see you again. In Today’s blog, we will discuss Science. And try to find whether its truth or Myth.

The content of the Blog will be as follows:

  1. The Division in Scientific Community
  2. Discussion on Science
the two science

The Division in Scientific Community

The study of nature through experiments and reasoning is called…

Hola Guys!

Hoping you are well and helping humankind to fight against Corona by staying at home.

Today I want to talk about 5 Life Myths Busted in Breaking Bad.

Spoiler Alert!!!

Breaking Bad

Being in solitude for such a long period of time, I started watching Series. I initiated my Series…

Md Raza Khan

Wandering in my Dreams

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